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Broadband has made business easier and better connected, bringing faster near instant communication between supplier and customer. With this high-paced 'need-it-now' business environment, it's easy for staff to accidentally open a new virus and quickly infect an entire network. Staff can be distracted by social networking, music downloads and the latest premiership action all instantly accessible and cost you valuable time and money. With our Relaxed broadband service, we can supply a fully-managed broadband gateway appliance which will protect not just your computers, but your entire business.

Key Features
  • Web Filter - prevent staff from viewing time-wasting social networking sites
  • Spam Block - Scans all incoming e-mail and blocks junk mail
  • Virus, Spyware & Fraud Checker - Blocks all known viruses with hourly virus definition updates
  • Network attack prevention - Prevent attacks and hacks against your network
  • Firewall - Keep your network safe and secure
  • Home-worker VPN - Your staff can work at home and securely connect to the office

Relax productivity gateway is available from £49 per month.

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About Relax Relax Internet is an International business-focused Internet company, our philosophy is to provide high-quality, low-stress solutions for SMEs.
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