Server Colocation
Server Colocation Pricing

Server size Data transfer Monthly Fee
1U 10Gb £79
1U 20Gb £104
1U 50Gb £179
2U 10Gb £133
2U 20Gb £158
2U 50Gb £233
4U 10Gb £241
4U 20Gb £266
4U 50Gb £341

Setup fee: £99 FREE until 31st January 2013*.

Your monthly fee Includes:

10 minutes hands-on telephone and e-mail support technical support per day
Free server reboots
Up to 1amp power draw
1 allocated IP address, more available on application
Upstream recursive DNS feed.
1 100Mbit ethernet port and cable

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No Stress, Prices stay the same.* subject to a minimum 12-month contract.


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