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Relax Internet provides ultra-secure colocation servers scalable from as little as 1U (2.75 inch high) rack space. Providing the perfect environment for your business data is just as important as providing the perfect working environment for your staff, if you get it right your data will be secure, productive and profitable. Our colocation service is built with business needs in mind not technical jargon.

  • Smoke and heat detection via fire alarm system.
  • Firetrace detection and extinguishing system
  • Infrared CCTV and CCTV with 24 hour video capture covering all entrances and operational areas.
  • Full EMP and Tempest Shield to data floors
  • Border security card access system
  • 24 hour security guards and guard dogs permanently on site
  • Reinforced concrete walls up to 3 m thick
  • Onion Skin zoned security access
  • Solid steel doors weighing up to 7 tonnes
  • 3m high heavy duty security fence topped with barbed wire and buried 0.5 metres in the ground.
  • Data Floor
Power and Air Conditioning
  • 2x11,000 Volt HV Feeds. Primary feed direct from national grid sub-station with auto fail over to secondary 11 kV supply (N+1)
  • Parallel 11,000/415 V 1,000 kVA transformers (N+1)
  • N+1 Redundant Generators
  • Various UPS systems capable of supplying dual UPS feeds
  • N+1 chilled water system, with zoned hotspot directional air provision sensors
  • Positive Pressure Environment
  • Charcoal filtered clean air system
  • Chemical/Biological safe zone Communications
  • Multiple Internet Service Providers

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About Relax Relax Internet is an International business-focused Internet company, our philosophy is to provide high-quality, low-stress solutions for SMEs.
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