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Your own personal account manager

With most web hosting companies you have to speak to a faceless technical support helpdesk, we know this can be frustrating when you are trying to resolve a problem with a domain name or a database, so we allocated each customer a dedicated account manager you can always deal with someone who knows the history of your site and account.

Imagination is your only limit

Before we started our own web hosting service, we used other people's services and became frustrated with the unfriendly way they dealt with us, this is why our service is aimed to make things as simple and straightforward for you as possible, because that's the way we like things. As long as you are not causing problems for other customers, we don't limit what you do, either with data, e-mail addresses or technical support.

Applications and databases

The modern web is about much more than just pages, visitors want to interact with you through your site, with our hosting, and our hosting can cope with both main types of application, ASP & Access databases for Windows based hosting and PHP & MySQL databases for Linux based hosting, you simply tell us which you need

Never underpowered

All our hardware is sourced and powered to deliver the fastest most reliable browsing experience for your customer possible. We never overfill our servers with sites unlike many cheaper less responsible companies

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About Relax Relax Internet is an International business-focused Internet company, our philosophy is to provide high-quality, low-stress solutions for SMEs.
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