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The perfect server

In the not too distant past the biggest concern for servers was space in data centres due to the immense size of servers with sufficient processing power for web applications. This was solved by the introduction of single unit rackmount servers, until another challenge came along - the spiralling cost of energy. Now we have the perfect solution to both issues, the humble Mac Mini.

Low power, high quality

The Mac Mini is ideal for use in a data centre environment due to this small overall size, being only 1.5 rack units in height and less than the length and width of many server's CD-ROM drives! It also consumes very little energy only requiring an 85 watt power supply, meaning it is a very economical computer unit.

OSX, Linux or Windows?

The Mac Mini is obviously an Apple product and as such is designed to run Mac OS X as a desktop operating system. Because of this it can also easily run OS X Server Edition and therefore be useful in a data centre environment, but you might not want Apple's operating system for your server, we therefore can install a Mac Mini for you with Windows Server or Linux.

Data Security

With a Mac Mini, unlike a traditional rackmount server, it is not possible to install additional drives to provide RAID data protection, because of this we offer a unique 'back-up-swap-out' service where we retain a second server on standby with the basic operating system installed, in the event of a failure, we simply restore your working data to the standby machine and you are up and running again in no time.

Relax, your Mac Mini Server is in good hands

Once you have your server in place there will always be times that you need help, because let's face it who doesn't at one time or another? That's when our friendly and knowledgeable support and data centre teams come to the rescue. With a dedicated account manager, personal telephone technical support and 24 hour out of office hours support coverage, whether it's a simple reboot or emergency firewall configuration, we're here to help when you need us.

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