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Can I use my existing numbers?

Yes, if you have a BT number it can, subject to survey, be ported to our system. Please call our sales support team on 08450 34 64 54.

The process is that you sign up with a temporary new number, then we put the port through, and replace the temporary new number. Number porting takes 7-14 working days for a single BT line and costs £25+vat at the standard rate. It is important to remember that when you port a number away from BT, BT will cease that line, and all its associated services such as broadband.

What sort of new number can I have?

We provide a number in your local geographical area (01, 02 or 03).

How many numbers do I need?

It depends on how many calls you expect to have at anyone time and whether you want DDI (Direct Dial Interface) - a direct line - in which case it's one per person. A no. gives you 2 calls.

Can I redirect to another phone number or Voicemail?

Yes. You just pay the cost of diverting (which is a standard outgoing call).

If I move house, can I keep the same number?

Yes - once the number is ported to a VoIP operator like us, it can be used anywhere there is an internet connection - regardless of where you move in the country.

Do people calling me pay more to call a VoIP line?

No, we provide a regular UK land line phone number, or you use your ported number, so people pay the same to call you.

Using an adaptor, does that mean my laptop doesn't have to stay switched on, if I am using a broadband router?

Yes, that's right.

Will my VoIP phone work if the power fails?

No - Your ordinary phone doesn't need a separate power connection, but as VoIP relies on your internet connection, if your broadband router has no power, your phone won't work either.

Are there any phone numbers that VoIP phones can't call?

You can phone most phone numbers, apart from premium numbers.

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